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Hineni: Caring for Each Other

At one time or another, everyone experiences a serious health challenge.

Our Jewish tradition teaches that life is a wheel.  When we are at the top of the wheel, we're strong and life is good.   When we are at the bottom of the wheel, life is a struggle and we realize that we could use some compassionate assistance.

At Temple Or Rishon, we care for each other.   When we're at the top of the wheel, we help others.  And when we are at the bottom of the wheel - ill or tired- we know that there are members of our congregation who care and are available to lend a helping hand.


We've got a lot of Jewish mothers at Temple Or Rishon who make amazing matzo ball soup.   So let us help already!


When Life-Altering Events Occur

If you suffer a sudden injury, uncover a chronic health condition, or are diagnosed with an acute or terminal illness, your whole world can fall apart. Routines are shattered and emotions run high.
We also understand that providing long-term care to a parent, spouse, child, or friend can be both physically and mentally draining. You want someone to listen to you when the going gets rough or lend a helping hand when you've run out of time or energy.

Help is on the way!

Completing day-to-day tasks can be difficult when you are faced with a health crisis, but meals and doctor's appointments take priority. Knowing there are resources to help you through troubled times can relieve some stress and lift your spirits.

We've been there. We understand. We are here to offer prayers, visits, meals, and driving support during your time of need.

Visiting the Sick

Let us know if you, or a loved one, would like a visit from our warm and caring Bikkur Cholin team. We would be happy to stop by the hospital, skilled nursing facility, or your home to brighten your day, tell some stories, or listen to yours.

Providing Meals

Our online meal support system is a fast and uncomplicated way to get some help with dinner and leftovers. We'll set up a profile for you - listing food preferences, kosher requirements, and food allergies—and provide a list of those dates when you would like a break from cooking.

In accordance with your wishes, volunteers will provide meals that nourish body and soul. They will deliver hot, nutritious, and delicious meals right to your doorstep.

Driving Support

Do you need help getting back and forth to medical appointments? To the pharmacy? Do you need some assistance getting your loved one to their doctor's office?
Sometimes you just need a helping hand. If you are too tired to drive or can't leave work to take someone to their appointment, our volunteers are available to help.

Other Assistance

Our team has put together a list of local resources to provide you with a variety of useful information. Materials include health-based websites, housekeeping and lawn services, pet-sitters, and many more resources that you can use for short- or long¬term situations.

Who Do I Contact?

With one simple call or email to the Temple Or Rishon office, you will be connected with one of our volunteer coordinators who will work with you to discuss your needs and determine how we can best support you.

How Do I Volunteer or Find Out More? Need more information? Want to volunteer? Call Doug Robins at 916-595-8754 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The more volunteers we have, the more people we can help. Remember: it's a mitzvah!