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Legacy Program Case Statement

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Now is the time to join a dedicated group of those, who, like you, believe in the future of Temple Or Rishon. Please become a member of the TOR Legacy Society. By building an endowment, this program will help ensure that our Jewish presence in the greater Sacramento area will shine brightly for our children, grandchildren and the generations to come.

In 1983, five families had the imagination to dream, and the ability to make that dream come alive! Temple Or Rishon (originally Sunrise Jewish Congregation) was born. We want your help to keep it alive for years to come.

Over the last 30 years, Temple Or Rishon has provided unyielding support to our Jewish community in the eastern Sacramento Valley. Our congregation is a central gathering place for Jews, their Jewish or non-Jewish partners, as well as new-comers to Judaism. Our doors are open to all – to worship, to learn, to provide acts of loving-kindness, both within our congregational family and to the community at large.

Temple Or Rishon is a place for worship, a place to be Jewish, a place where our children learn about being Jewish – a place to study, pray and live our Jewish values. At Temple Or Rishon we care for each other, we care for our community and we care for the community at large. Our religious education program creates the Jewish leaders of tomorrow. Temple Or Rishon, First Light, is committed to continually strengthen its presence as a beacon in Sacramento/Placer/El Dorado Counties and the nearby foothill communities.

The future is ours to create. By establishing legacy streams of income, we will help secure the financial stability of Temple Or Rishon. Let’s make tomorrow’s dreams a reality – include Temple Or Rishon in your estate planning.

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