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Religious and Hebrew School

At TOR’s Religious School, we are growing and nurturing each  individual student to develop a love for Judaism. We guide our students to a deeper connection to their faith, an understanding of our traditions and cultures, a   connection to the State of Israel, familiarity with our Hebrew language and an ability to fully participate in the Jewish world. In an effort to improve upon our program and provide the best education for our children, an educational task force made up of teachers, parents, and lay leaders met to discuss our goals as a school community and how to best achieve those goals.

We know that each child is different and that education is a  process of gradual understanding and eventual participation. As such, we have formatted the structure of our school in two fundamental ways.

1. Division of school into 3 parts (as illustrated to the right)

A. The Lower School: PreK - 3rd Grade (Sundays only)

B. The Upper School: 4th - 6th Grade (Sun and Wed)

C. Our 7th grade B’nai Mitzvah class (Sun and Wed)

As students matriculate through our program, they will gain the skills to gradually increase their engagement in our community, eventually being able to lead services alongside their peers and confidently celebrate holidays at home.


We have amazing teachers at Temple Or Rishon and our goal is to provide them with the appropriate curriculum and allow them to spend time doing what they do best, in the subjects that they know best. Because of this desire, our Sunday school program is structured in the following way:

A. Students attend 3 different classes - they move between the classes during the morning. Each group of students is accompanied by a highly-qualified member of our madrichim staff.

i. Judaics

ii. Hebrew

iii. Elective (Cultural Arts and Special Topics - change at semester)

B.  We start every Sunday with a morning program that incorporates new Hebrew terms, connections to Israel and prayer.



Sat, August 15 2020 25 Av 5780