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Friday, January 1, 2021

01/01/2021 06:00:00 PM


Erica Bobrow

Weekly Zoom Session Wrap-up


Kathy's New Year Shabbat Challah



Upcoming Event

Friday, January 8th, Nancy will demonstrate her bagel recipe.


Nancy Lenoil's Bagel Recipe

We're excited to have Nancy demo another one of her bakes for us. This time she'll have her husband Robert assisting. I've heard Nancy makes incredibly tasty bagels. Her recipe is posted here with her bagel image above. Please mark your calendars and invite your friends to join us!

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Baker's Weekly Images

Send in your images on Friday once your challah has baked, along with your notes to

We'll admire your work and learn from each other.


Ellen's Challah

Ellen's Notes: "Challah #3. I’m ready to branch out!" 


Helene's Challot

Helene's Notes: "The finished product." 


Karen's Challot

Karen's Notes: "Made four little challah for temple delivery on New Year’s Day and Shabbat" 


Nancy and Allie's Challah

Nancy's Notes: "Here’s the challah that Allie Lenoil braided today. It’s also our first challah with sesame seeds. It’s a 1 lb. challah that uses 2 cups of bread flour. I mention the size because the picture makes it look much bigger. I did a close-up to capture the braids. Allie made a five-strand and then coiled it around."


Robin's Challot


Robin's Notes: "Espresso chocolate challah turned out very well. Had fairly strong coffee flavor paired well with the chocolate and a touch of cinnamon. Was bread enough to not be like babka. I also did not use a glaze or syrup that was suggested. The recipe was from the First Friday Challah Club of the Palm Beach Synagogue" 


Erica's Challah 


Erica's Notes: "A good way to begin 2021! I learned a lot. Considering my four cups flour dough yielded only a quarter of the braids the design required, I'm happy with the result. I really enjoyed working from the inspiring sun burst image I found online, and then creating my own piece from it. 

My dough consisted of 2/3  org. bread flour, 1/3 org. whole wheat. The texture was very sticky; it took 15 minutes in the mixer,  plus more hand kneading to pass the window pane test. The bake time was short, around 25 minutes. I also added a dash of Chinese 5 spice for flavor." 


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Extra Finds and Fixin's

Two books were mentioned this week:

  • Rising! The Book of Challah, by Rochi Pinson
  • Sourdough, by Sarah Owens


I found this post helpful from Red Star Yeast on how to tell when each proof is complete.

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