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Hineni: Caring for Each Other

At one time or another, everyone experiences a serious health challenge.

Our Jewish tradition teaches that life is a wheel.  When we are at the top of the wheel, we're strong and life is good.  When we are at the bottom of the wheel, life is a struggle and we realize that we could use some compassionate assistance.

At Temple Or Rishon, we care for each other.   When we're at the top of the wheel, we help others.  And when we are at the bottom of the wheel - ill or tired- we know that there are members of our congregation who care and are available to lend a helping hand.


When Life-Altering Events Occur

If you suffer a sudden injury, uncover a chronic health condition, or are diagnosed with an acute or terminal illness, your whole world can fall apart. Routines are shattered and emotions run high. We also understand that providing long-term care to a parent, spouse, child, or friend can be both physically and mentally draining. You want someone to listen to you when the going gets rough or lend a helping hand when you've run out of time or energy.

Help is on the way!

Completing day-to-day tasks can be difficult when you are faced with a health crisis, but meals and doctor's appointments take priority. Knowing there are resources to help you through troubled times can relieve some stress and lift your spirits. We've been there. We understand. We are here to offer prayers, visits, meals, and driving support during your time of need.

Visiting the Sick

Let us know if you, or a loved one, would like a visit from our warm and caring Bikkur Cholin team. We would be happy to stop by the hospital, skilled nursing facility, or your home to brighten your day, tell some stories, or listen to yours.

Refuah Shleima

Caring for the sick in our Temple community is one of the mitzvahs our congregation does well - and there are opportunities for us to do even more. Now, in the spirit of increasing the opportunity for our TOR community to do mitzvahs that really matter, we want to expand the conversation and draw more of you into this group of volunteers. If you are interested in joining us in this special mission, please send us an email at

If you are in need of assistance or if you would like to place a loved one on our Misheberach Prayer List, please contact the temple office - or (916)988-4100.

Sat, May 25 2024 17 Iyar 5784