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Machalot HaNefesh

Machalot HaNefesh (MhN) is Temple Or Rishon's committee providing support and community for those touched by issues related to Mental Health and addiction. We believe these issues are best confronted TOGETHER, NOT ALONE.


For the 2018-2019 Season, we are happy to present Together, Not Alone: A Series of Programs and Conversations Promoting Healthy Living and Supportive Community

January 25-27 - Creating a Foundation for Healthy & Sacred Aging: A weekend with Rabbi Richie Address

This incredible weekend of learning with Rabbi Richie Address is for parents, spouses, caretakers, and even yourself!
Over the course of the weekend, we will explore: Care-giving as a multi-generational issue, older adult relationships and cohabitation and traditional texts that provide insights that lead us to health and well being. 
Rabbi Richard F. Address is Founder and Director of Jewish Sacred Aging®, the website, and the host of the weekly Jewish Sacred Aging® pod cast, Seekers of Meaning

Friday Evening: January 25th - Kabbalat Shabbat Service at 6:45pm - My Body, My Life: A Jewish Approach to Health and Wellness: Why is it a sacred responsibility for each of us to care for our bodies? We will look at how Jewish texts form a basis to look at the value of both physical and mental health.
Saturday Morning: Torah Study at 9am - Yitro: Moses and management...the 10 Commandments and the introduction to our conversations on caregiving and rituals
Saturday Morning: Service at 10am - A Discussion on New Rituals for New Life Stages: -An overview of some of the creative examples of new rituals being created to speak to new life moments as a result of longevity: i.e: signing an advanced directive, removing wedding ring after year of mourning, older adult cohabitation, removal of life support, the acceptance of Alzheimer's diagnosis, a re-definition of adultery in light of Alzheimer's and dementia. Potluck luncheon following services.
Saturday Evening Havdallah at 6:45pm - "Who can I turn to when..." An exploration of Jewish texts that support the concept of personal growth, learning, and the need for (and importance or) relationships, ESPECIALLY as we get older.
Sunday Morning: During Religious School at 9:30am - The "Art" of Caregiving - How Jewish texts and tradition look at this modern  multi-generation life stage. A look at how tradition understood the challenges of time, dignity, honor and respect and when it is permissible to place a loved one in a facility.

March 6 and 10 - TOR's Youth and the Stresses They Face in Today's World

Wednesday, March 6 - Confidential Teen Space to Talk about Stresses that Fill Their Lives.
An evening “For Teens Only” with Jenifer Jacobs, Ph.D., a specialist in Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy, Rabbi Alan Rabishaw, Mary Frank
Sunday, March 10 - A Conversation with Parents, Grandparents, and Anyone Else that Loves our Teens and Wants to Understand them Better!
Jenifer Jacobs, Ph.D., Rabbi Alan Rabishaw, and Mary Frank, will share insights from our teens about their perspective on the real issues and stresses they face. Walk away with insights as to how we can support each other (teens and adults) through the teen years. 

May 3 - Mental Health Shabbat

TOR’s annual Shabbat to share stories, reduce stigma, and provide love, support and spirit.

Shabbat Morning Services with Healing Element

Cantorial Soloist, Carol Gunnerson, will also be present at Shabbat morning services with Rabbi Rabishaw, adding moments of personal reflection, meditation, and healing to the Shabbat morning experience. 
September 29, November 10, January 26, March 30 and May 18


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