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Our Curriculum


All of our students spend 45 minutes per day learning a variety of information about being Jewish. For the youngest learners (PreK, Kinder, and 1st Grade), their lessons are about holidays, Torah stories, and traditions. For 2nd - 5th grade, the students engage with a curriculum called Shalom Learning. This interactive program focuses on seven major themes throughout the year.

1. Teshuvah-Return/Repentance

2. B’tzelem Elohim-In G-d’s Image

3. Gevurah-Courage/Strength

4. Achrayut-Responsibility

5. Hakarat-Hatov-Recognizing the Good

6. Koach Hadibbur-Power of Speech

7. Shalom

The lessons are fun and engaging, with videos, questions, games, brain breaks and activities aimed at making the topics relevant to our students.

Our 6th graders learn about the rhythm and cycles of the Jewish calendar and how it fits into the secular calendar and seasons. They also talk about specific holidays and gain a deeper understanding of the traditions and history behind their observance.

The 7th grade class engages in lively discussions about Jewish ethics and how being Jewish can fit into and be relevant to their everyday  lives.

Our Enrichment Classes

Our elective program consists of two semester-long enrichment classes (12 sessions each semester). Additionally, we have shorter enrichment classes that last 6 weeks.  All students have the opportunity to take two to three enrichment classes each year.

Special Topics

In our special topics class, students learn new and unusual things about our Jewish world. 1st—4th graders use a STEAM based curriculum developed by the ROZZY Learning Company. It explores different STEAM careers in Israel through problem solving activities.

Our 5th and 6th Grade students choose different topics to research and use the resources from our library and the online community to learn more about their topic, eventually creating a presentation for the class.

Cultural Arts

Our cultural arts elective has two rotating sessions.

Music: Students participate in musical instruction, including singing, percussion instruments, and chant - all focusing on different prayers.

Art: Students learn about different Jewish artists and create their own art using similar mediums to the masters.


Animating the Torah

New this year, we have a stop motion animation class. Students work in groups to create an animated version of a Torah portion, using stop motion animation together with legos, clay, stickbots, action figures, and other crafty elements. 

Jewish Journalism 

In our journalism class, students research a time period (usually connected to a holiday such as Hanukkah, Purim, or Passover) and create a newspaper centered around the events of that time. 

Jewish Cooking

Also new this year, we are offering a 6 week course on Jewish cooking. Students will learn to make traditional goodies for various Jewish holiday. 

Thu, March 30 2023 8 Nisan 5783