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Challah Time Recipes & Resources

07/01/2021 05:00:00 PM



Videos, Books, Social Media & Articles 




Videos, Books, Websites & Articles

How To's and Informational


  • Understanding Yeast by Erin McDowell, author of The Fearless Baker. Skip ahead to 39:39 (39 minutes, 39 seconds) for the visual and touch cues of when dough is properly proofed. At 43:20, Erin shows properly proofed challot-very helpful!!
  • Sourdough Starter Float Test with Sarah Owens, the author of Sourdough: Recipes for Rustic Fermented Breads, Sweets, Savories, and More, demonstrates how to determine if your starter is ready to mix with dough ingredients.

    Fast forward to 11:39 for the Float test. The rest of the video is great, too.

  • Perfecting your strands tutorial from Leah in the  "Challah Baking for Dummies" Facebook group:


Robin suggested a 2-part video for us to watch from The Isolation Baking Show, produced by King Arthur.  "This video was great for me. I’ve never seen what actually goes on in the mixing process and didn’t know what to do. Maybe some of the other ladies would like this too." Thank you, Robin, for thinking of us! 



  • Rising! The Book of Challah, by Rochi Pinson (From 1/1/21 post)
  • Sourdough, by Sarah Owens (From 1/1/21 post)
  • Bread Machine Magic, by Linda Rehberg & Lois Conway (From 11/27/20 post
  •  Modern Jewish Baker: Challah, Babka, Bagels & More, by Shannon Sarna. Referrerd to for baking time for for challah bow knots--20-30 minutes. (From 12/11/20 post)
  • Modern Jewish Cooking, by Bonne Rae London (From 12/11/20 post)




  • Red Star Yeast has helpful information on how to tell when each proof is complete. (From 1/1/21 post)


Websites/Social Media

  • Challah Baking for Dummies on FaceBook (From 12/4/20 post)

  • Challah Prince on Instagram is wonderful resource for shaping/braiding

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  • Silicone Bagel Molds:   Nancy demonstrated these with her bagel recipe on 1/8/21. Available from King Arthur and Amazon.


  • Yeast Measuring Spoon: The yeast spoon is is 2 -1/4 teaspoons, the same amount as in a packet of yeast. It's helpful when using bulk yeast or yeast from a jar when a recipe calls for "a packet of yeast." Available at King Arthur and Amazon.


  • Danish Dough Whisk: I find this whisk durable and helpful for mixing heavy dough prior to kneading. It's also easy to clean. I use the one made by Oxo, but other co's make this tool, too.




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