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March 26, 2021

03/26/2021 06:00:00 PM


Erica Bobrow

This week, in preparation for Passover, Challah Time became Matzah Time!

Some of us tried our hand at making matzah in less than 18 minutes as is required for Passover. In preparation, we reviewed the PJ library recipe and video.  Karen was time-keeper.  And...we all did it in under 18 minutes, which is no easy task. From the time the water touches the flour to removing the matzah from the oven, the time truly flies by. 

Here are some screenshots of our session.

Kneading the Matzah Dough.

Getting ready to roll the dough.

Rolling the dough.

Nancy and Erica's Matzah! (Missing photo of Cecily's!!)


Carolyn's shows us the Dough Docker for piercing!

I hope these help you feel like you were with us.

It's never to late to start making Challah with us. Contact me at with any questions.

Note that Challah Time will meet during Passover next week, recipe demo TBD.

Until then, Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach!!


Tue, October 3 2023 18 Tishrei 5784