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March 12, 2021

03/12/2021 06:00:00 PM


Erica Bobrow

Today we enjoyed a terrific demonstration by Shinae and Erev Cantor Ben in Challah Time! They welcomed us into their kitchen and explained their process for creating beautiful challot.

This week, they filled their sweet dough with guava paste and cream cheese and topped it with a homemade spiced sugar mixture. They rolled out their strands, filled and sealed them to shape a traditional 3 strand braid and additional single strand knots. Please take a look at these gorgeous loaves, all the more lovely because we were there while they were made. Thanks again Shinae and Ben! Such a special day for us all! We learned a lot from you both.



Along with Shinae and Ben's beautiful challot, Ellen, who is very new to challah making, sent this shot of her beautiful bounty! Just look at her work!!!



Deanna made these lovelies!

Deanna Challot 3-12-21.jpg


Kathy created this beautiful challah!


Today I worked on adapting my sourdough challah, using a stiff starter rather than the liquid starter as I'd done in the past few weeks. I was hoping for a better dough to braid with and it worked beautifully. However, sourdough does take longer to rise-5 hours for the second proof in fact. So my challah just went into the oven. Here are some pics. I'm really looking forward to tasting this latest version of my challah experiment I've been working on for many weeks now. (BTW- It's massive!-20 inches and I may have under-proofed. We'll see.)


 Erica Sourdough Challah 3-12-21 6 Strand Braiding.JPG   .Erica Sourdough Challah 3-12-21 20 in_3.JPG.  Erica Sourdough Challah 3-12-21 in oven.JPG


Thanks again to Shinae and Erev Cantor Ben for joining us today. And to everyone for joining together each week to make Challah Time such a delight.



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