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April 2, 2021

04/02/2021 06:00:00 PM


Erica Bobrow

This week in Challah Time, I demonstrated Real Simple's Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe. You really cannot go wrong with chocolate, heavy cream, eggs and butter.

Erica Mixing chocolates 4-2-21.png.  .  .     

The aroma while mixing and baking it was simply heavenly.  A good dessert for a vegetarian meal during Passover.

Because both Matt and I would not be eating this, I offered to give it away. Marc suggested we make it a fundraiser. Kathy and Bill stepped up and became the happy owners of this delectable chocolatey yumminess they served to visiting family at their Friday night Seder. Thanks again Kathy and Bill!!

On Saturday, Lori made Jamie Geller's Chewy Flourless Almond Cookie recipe. 

Lori Almond Cookies 4-2-21.jpg

Lori's notes: "They were lovely. Not too sweet. They had a similar texture to m

macaroons. Everyone loved them. Highly recommend them!"

Find the recipe here:


Nancy sent a pic of her Passover Almond Cookies she was baking during Challah Time on Friday. 

Nancy Almond Cloud Cookies Passover 4-2-21.JPG

Nancy's notes: "The recipe was from King Arthur Baking...they no longer sell almond paste and a newer version of the recipe that’s online says to instead make your own almond paste and use almond flour. Here’s the newer version with DIY almond paste but with tips for using commercial almond paste." 

The recipe can be found at:

Nancy also made these macaroons.

Nancy Passover Macaroons 4-2-21.JPG


Ellen's Passover included a Frittata. 

Ellen Passover Frittata 4-2-21.jpg

Ellen's notes: "Here is the last piece of my Veggie Matzo Frittata. It’s a slightly modified version of Cheryll G’s recipe. My frittata has a variety of sautéed veggies (onions, mushrooms, red pepper yellow & green zucchini). 


And that was just a bit of what happened during Challah Time this past week. 

For this upcoming Friday, it's traditional to make a Shlissel (key in yiddish) Challah the shabbat after Pesach. If you're up to the challenge, we'll be shaping our challah into shlissels. Here are some resources for shlissel challah or google the term and you'll find tons of images for inspiration.

I haven't decided what shlissel shape I'll do yet, but this one by the Challah Prince is intriguing. He'll demonstrate it on 4/8 on Instagram. If you have the app, search for him as "Challah Prince".

Challah Prince Shlissel Challah.png

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday at 11.


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